Glo 1 Launched in Lagos, expect cheap internet service


Globacom Nigeria’s indigenous telecom operator has finally launched it much awaited submarine cable.


The GLO-1 (Globacom-1) submarine communications cable is a cable system along the west coast of Africa between Nigeria and the UK. The submarine cable system is 9,800 km long, and became operational in 2010 with a minimum capacity of 640 Gbit/s. It originates from Brud in the UK and it is laid from this origin to Alpha Beach in Lagos, where it will have its Landing Station


The main cable landing points are:

    * Lagos, Nigeria.

    * Accra, Ghana

    * Dakar, Senegal

    * Nouakchott, Mauritania

    * Casablanca, Morocco

    * Sesimbra, Portugal

    * Vigo, Spain

    * Bude, UK


The service is expected to drastically reduce cost of internet connection and other telecommunication services.


Such services will include:

    * Teleconferencing

    * Distance learning

    * Disaster recovery

    * Telemedicine

    * Internet connection


The COO, Mohamed Jameel said “For GSM, CDMA, Wimax operators and ISPs, Glo 1 offers extremely attractive prices on both short and long term basis, resulting in enhanced profitability for the customer through flexible terms of contracts tailor-made for the customer type and requirement,”


This implies that, even MTN and other telecom operators can buy bandwidth from GLO to cater for their customers’ needs.


Main One recently arrived, now its GLO 1, we expect all these to disrupt the market and help increase competition thereby reducing the prices.


These developments will potentially facilitate foreign investment and employment opportunities especially to Africans.


Source: Proshare






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