Information dissemination

InvestAdvocate, www.investadvocateng.com founded in February 2010 as an online niche news and information dissemination company. Our core business is to provide prompt, timely, factual and reliable information sourced directly from quoted companies in all sectors of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, other Global Exchanges, Financial Markets, Regulators, Market Operators and other credible news sources provided to readers and other stakeholders through the site or our newsletter.

InvestAdvocate offer its platform for all Research units of companies; both local and international to publish their daily, weekly and periodic Reports for all financial Market and other sectors to Stakeholders to have unrestricted access to such Reports and Informations.

Analyst Services

We work hand in hand with Analyst firms to help provide companies which require the technical expertise to interpret trends on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and other Global Exchanges and to show where individual companies and the Market generally are headed. InvestAdvocate would ensure professional and objective Market information to stakeholders, make intelligent and profitable decisions.


Advertising on our Platform would enable companies be widely reached and can create business opportunities both local and international.

Media Support

We are here to help companies handle their media affairs, by providing consultancy services relevant and capable of meeting the requirements and specifications in this regard. To achieve this, and make it more effective in a professional manner, we would help handle same in three folds: the online, electronic and print media.