AP: Aviomoh stage manage protest with fake staff


The attention of the Management of African Petroleum Plc has been drawn to the most recent erroneous stories in both the electronic and print media suggesting that some workers or staff of AP Plc took part in a protest in Abuja against our Chairman, Mr. Femi Otedola.



We like to set the records straight that no single worker or staff of AP Plc took part in any protest in Abuja or anywhere in the country of recent.



Our findings revealed that the so-called protesters who gathered at the SEC office in Abuja on Wednesday, August 25, 2010, were actually a rented crowd sponsored by the suspended Director of Finance, Mr. Clement Aviomoh, and his deep-pocket collaborators.



We like to assure the Press and the general public that the rent-a-crowd, rag-tag protest is part of the campaign of falsehoods by Aviomoh and his financiers to undermine the outcome of current investigations arising from the petition which our Chairman, Mr Femi Otedola, dutifully wrote to SEC on the 21st of June, 2010, on the non-remittance of AP Public Shares Offer money in the sum of 24.5 billion Naira in which the Finance Director has been majorly implicated.



We believe you are aware that Mr. Aviomoh has forwarded a petition to SEC and has also gone to court to contest his suspension. However, instead of Mr. Aviomoh to do the honourable thing and await the outcome of these two processes, he has continued to use all sorts of tactics to prejudice the likely outcome of the ongoing investigations and the court processes.



We, however, welcome the assurances by SEC’s Spokesman, Mr. Oloyi, that the regulatory body would spare no resources to do justice soon on the two petitions concerning AP.




(For AP PLC Management)




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