Stellantis Delivers Record Net Revenues, Net Profit, Industrial Free Cash Flows for Full Year 2023

Copyright William Crozes @ Continental Productions. Stellantis Delivers Record Net Revenues, Net Profit, Industrial Free Cash Flows for Full Year 2023
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Net revenues grew 6% y-o-y to €189.5 billion, Net profit rose 11% to €18.6 billion, and Industrial free cash flows increased 19% y-o-y to €12.9 billion

February 20, 2024/Stellantis

Net revenues of €189.5 billion, up 6% compared to 2022, with consolidated shipment volumes increasing 7%; Net profit grew 11% to €18.6 billion. Adjusted operating income (1) rose 1% to €24.3 billion, with AOI margin of 12.8%; Industrial free cash flows (2) of €12.9 billion, an increase of 19% compared to 2022; Strong balance sheet, with Industrial available liquidity at €61.1 billion; LEV sales up 27% in 2023, with PHEVs at #1 in U.S. and #2 for LEVs in U.S. (3); 21% increase in global BEV sales in 2023; Returned €6.6 billion in cash to shareholders in 2023 through dividends and share buybacks, an increase of 53% compared to €4.3 billion in 2022; Dividend proposed of €1.55 per common share, increase of approximately 16% compared to prior year, pending shareholder approval; Announcing 2024 open market share buyback program of €3.0 billion.

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“As we just passed the three-year mark since Stellantis’ inception, I warmly thank our teams who are executing at the highest levels and contributing greatly to our growth story, even in the strongest of headwinds. Today’s record financial results are proof that we have become a new global leader in our industry and will remain rock solid as we look to a turbulent 2024. Thanks to our flexible technology and product roadmap, we are prepared to address the various scenarios that could arise and to continue delivering on our Dare Forward 2030 targets.” Carlos Tavares, CEO

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Revenue backdrop: Supportive

AOI Margin (1): Double digit minimum commitment

Industrial Free Cash Flows (2): Positive





Net revenues




Net profit




Cash flows from operating activities





Adjusted operating income (1)




Adjusted operating income margin (1)




Industrial free cash flows (2)




All reported data is unaudited. Reference should be made to the section “Safe Harbor Statement” included elsewhere within this document.

Stellantis N.V. reported record full year 2023 results. Net revenues grew 6% y-o-y to €189.5 billion, Net profit rose 11% to €18.6 billion, and Industrial free cash flows increased 19% y-o-y to €12.9 billion. Global BEV sales are up 21% y-o-y and LEV sales up are 27% y-o-y, with PHEVs in the U.S. at #1 (3) and #2 for LEVs in the U.S. (3) Results are in line with Dare Forward 2030 objectives and are supported by the following concrete actions:

CARE: Stellantis remains on track to achieve its carbon net zero emission target by 2038 (4). Stellantis reduced its scope 1 and 2 absolute emissions tCO2 by 20% in 2023 vs Baseline 2021. A constant focus on the customer led to a reduction of vehicle defect rates three months after customer delivery by more than 40%, as compared to 2021. Embracing a circular consumption model, the Company opened its first Circular Economy Hub in Italy, creating a center of excellence aimed at industrializing the recovery and sustainable reuse of materials, and the business realized 18% year-over-year sales growth. The Company launched an employee share purchase plan – Shares to Win – in Italy and France and will extend it to other countries during 2024. As well, more than 600 collective agreements were signed covering approximately 90% of employee across the world. The Stellantis Student Awards celebrated more than 600 family members of employees for dedication to continuous learning and education, and the Stellantis Foundation partnered with CERN to inaugurate the Science Gateway in Geneva, its new outreach center for science education.

TECH: To support overall market growth and the electrification push in North America, 18 additional BEVs will be launched in 2024, reaching a total of 48 models by end of 2024. The all-new Citroën ë-C3 starts at €23,300 and is the most competitively priced B-segment EV produced in Europe and the Jeep® Avenger, which was awarded European Car of the Year 2023, continues to earn top honors. Stellantis launched the first of four all-new BEV-centric platforms, STLA Medium, on the Peugeot E-3008 with best-in-class range of up to 700 kilometers (435 miles). The second platform, STLA Large, is launching in 2024 with 800 kilometers (500 miles) range and fitted to exceed customer expectations. STLA Large is a highly flexible, BEV-native platform that will serve as the foundation for upcoming global vehicles in the D and E segments, and able to take multiple propulsion systems, including hybrid and internal combustion. Stellantis secured raw materials sourcing through 2027, and signed an agreement with CATL for the supply of LFP battery cells and modules, further expanding its battery chemistries portfolio. Stellantis and Ample established a partnership in battery swapping technology to deliver fully charged EV batteries in less than five minutes. Stellantis joined Symbio and the other shareholders in inaugurating SymphonHy, the first gigafactory in France and Europe’s largest integrated site producing hydrogen fuel cells. Stellantis is implementing a multifaceted semiconductor strategy to ensure supply security and drive innovation. SiliconAuto, the 50/50 joint venture with Foxconn, will tailor chips aimed at a new generation of automotive industry vehicle platforms starting in 2026. In 2023, Stellantis Ventures invested in six new startups, and Stellantis signed 49 commercial contracts with new startups.

VALUE: Flexibility, execution, resilience and agility remain core tenants of the Stellantis mentality and with its several tech and new model announcements the Company is poised to profitably navigate customer demand, market fluctuations and political shifts. Stellantis delivered continued growth outside Enlarged Europe and North America with the “third engine” (5) delivering a 13% increase in Net revenues. In China, Stellantis invested €1.4 billion in Leapmotor, a pure play NEV OEM, and now holds approximately 21% equity, giving Stellantis a leading role in supporting their promising growth in China as well as global expansion opportunities through the new Leapmotor International joint venture managed by Stellantis. With it, Stellantis is addressing a white space in its business model and can now benefit from Leapmotor’s competitiveness both in China and abroad. The Stellantis Pro One commercial vehicles achieved market share leadership in EU30 and South America and is the undisputed leader in EU30 BEV sales with 38.8% BEV market share. The business is targeting to achieve global leadership by 2027 with its completely updated and expanded line-up including internal combustion, battery electric, fuel cell hydrogen and range extended variants. The Data-as-a-Service arm, Mobilisights, created innovative solutions and secured strategic agreements through its custom data packages and data streaming offer.

GUIDANCE AND OUTLOOK: Building on 2023 momentum, management notes a number of factors could create a supportive revenue backdrop in 2024, including reduced supply and logistical constraints, stabilizing and potentially reduced interest rates, and the benefits of the Company’s expected expansion of its product offering. The Company is reiterating a minimum commitment of double-digit adjusted operating income (AOI) margin in 2024, as well as positive industrial free cash flow, despite macroeconomic uncertainties.

Pending shareholder approval, Stellantis proposes to pay a dividend of €1.55 per common share, an increase of approximately 16% compared to the prior year, and an expected calendar for NYSE, Euronext Milan and Euronext Paris to be as follows: (i) ex-date April 22, 2024, (ii) record date April 23, 2024, and (iii) payment date May 3, 2024. Stellantis will also execute a 2024 open-market share buyback program of €3.0 billion, which includes €0.5 billion of shares repurchased to service share-based compensation and employee share purchase, in 2024.

On February 15, 2024 at 2:00 p.m. CET / 8:00 a.m. EST, a live webcast and conference call will be held to present Stellantis’ Full Year 2023 Results. The webcast and recorded replay will be accessible under the Investors section of the Stellantis corporate website at The presentation material is expected to be posted under the Investors section of the Stellantis corporate website at approximately 7:30 a.m. CET / 1:30 a.m. EST on February 15, 2024.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Annual General Meeting – April 16, 2024; Q1 Shipments & Revenues – April 30, 2024; Investor Day 2024 – June 13, 2024

(1) Adjusted operating income/(loss) excludes from Net profit/(loss) adjustments comprising restructuring and other termination costs, impairments, asset write-offs, disposals of investments and unusual operating income/(expense) that are considered rare or discrete events and are infrequent in nature, as inclusion of such items is not considered to be indicative of the Company’s ongoing operating performance, and also excludes Net financial expenses/(income) and Tax expense/(benefit). Effective from January 1, 2023, our Adjusted operating income/(loss) includes Share of the profit/(loss) of equity method investees. The comparatives for the respective periods for 2022 have been adjusted accordingly. 
2) Industrial free cash flows is our key cash flow metric and is calculated as Cash flows from operating activities less: (i) cash flows from operating activities from discontinued operations; (ii) cash flows from operating activities related to financial services, net of eliminations; (iii) investments in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets for industrial activities; (iv) contributions of equity to joint ventures and minor acquisitions of consolidated subsidiaries and equity method and other investments; and adjusted for: (i) net intercompany payments between continuing operations and discontinued operations; (ii) proceeds from disposal of assets and (iii) contributions to defined benefit pension plans, net of tax. The timing of Industrial free cash flows may be affected by the timing of monetization of receivables, factoring and the payment of accounts payables, as well as changes in other components of working capital, which can vary from period to period due to, among other things, cash management initiatives and other factors, some of which may be outside of the Company’s control.
(3 Per S&P Global 2023 vehicle registrations (most current data available); PC + light duty trucks.
(4) With single-digit percentage compensation of the remaining emissions.
(5) Refers to the aggregation of the South America, Middle East & Africa and China and India & Asia Pacific segments for presentation purposes only.

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