FGN Savings Bond Notification for June 2024


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June 5, 2024/FSDH Research

The June 2024 FGN Savings Bond has begun. Kindly find the summary of Offer below: 

2-Year FGN Savings Bond due June 12, 2026: 17.414 % per annum

3-Year FGN Savings Bond due June 12, 2027: 18.414 % per annum

              Opening Date: June 03, 2024

              Closing Date:  June 07, 2024

              Settlement Date: June 12, 2024

ISSUER: Federal Government of Nigeria (“FGN”).

UNITS OF SALE: N1,000 per unit subject to a minimum subscription of N5,000 and in multiples of N1,000 thereafter, subject to a maximum subscription of N50,000,000. 

Coupon Payment Date:  September 12, December 12, March 12, June 12.

REDEMPTION: Bullet repayment on the maturity date 

How to Invest in the FGNSB

  1. Please print and carefully complete the FGNSB application form.Please click here to view a copy of the application form.

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