Change of Baton in John Holt



By Yakubu LAAH investadvocate

Oct 20 2010 16.21 GMT

Lagos (INVESTADVOCATE)-There has been a change of baton in John Holt Plc operating in the Conglomerate sector of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).


This was contained in a notice by the company to Dealing Members of the Exchange Wednesday October 20 2010 in Lagos Nigeria.


The Conglomerate Giants informed the Exchange on the change in the Board of Directors (BOD) of the company due to the retirement of Mr. Paul Hargrave.


Hargrave was the Managing Director (MD) of the Company whose resignation took effect from Friday October 08 2010.


The Company informed the NSE that as a result, the composition of the Board; it now has Chief Christopher Ezeh as its Chairman, David Parmely as the Executive Deputy Chairman (EDC) of the John Holt Board.


While Mrs. Tasala Osinowo has emerged Finance Director/Company Secretary, Mr. Paul Newns (British), Dr. Raymond Obeiri and Chief Dennis Odife were announced also as part of the Board of John Holt.


In the same vein, the company also notified the Exchange on the change of their External Auditors – Akintola Williams Delloite after serving them for 20 years.


The company affirmed that the change was in compliance with the instruction issued by Apex Capital Market Regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Pannel Kerr Forster now known as PKF Professional Services has since been appointed as the Company’s External Auditors of John Holt.




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